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The Kansas Gelbvieh Association (K.G.A.)  is a non-profit breed organization working to serve its members in the areas of cattle promotion, breed improvement and continuous education of its breeder members and associates.  The K.G.A currently has many members who have seen second and third generations continue the family business and tradition in the Gelbvieh breed.    Unlike most growth and muscle breeds Gelbvieh doesn't force you to choose between maternal and growth traits  ..... with Gelbvieh you can have both.  Click here to learn more about Gelbvieh Cattle. Gelbvieh breed puts  cattle premiums where they belong -  in your pocket! Take Advantage of Gelbvieh traits:  growth, muscle, fleshing ability, milk and disposition.
This year's Annual KGA "Pick of the Herds" sale was held in Salina, KS on Saturday, November 30, 2013.   The Annual Meeting was Friday, Nov. 29, 2013  

Click here to view the sale catalog!     Click here to view videos of each lot!


2013 Fall Tour

The 2013 Gelbvieh Tour was hosted by District 6 on October 19, 2013. With the first snowfall of the year coming the day before the tour we changed up the tour schedule to only consist of stops at Sandy Knoll Farms and Cooper Gelbvieh.

The gathering started at the Dunnís, located in St. John, KS, with a lunch sponsored by Sandy Knoll Farms and Cooper Gelbvieh. Dr. Jim Gibbs proceeded to have a talk with the attendees informing them of new information regarding genetic defects, and other happening within the Gelbvieh breed. Leon and Brian Dunn, then gave the crowd a look into their operation at Sandy Knoll Farms. They have placed cows into a confined feeding environment. With grass land in high demand and the drought stricken area limiting growth they have placed a number of their cows in pens. Knowing their feeding cost this method is a cost effective alternative to grass prices for them.

Following the stop at Sandy Knoll Farms the group took the hour journey to Cooper Gelbvieh located in Burdett, KS. Ron and Evan Cooper hosted their portion of the tour with a pasture stop. Upon arrival they gave an introduction about their operation. Then the crowd was able to view their weaned heifer and bull calves, along with the cow/calf pairs that were still out on grass. During the stop the attendees were treated to a quiz to learn more about Cooper Gelbvieh and the cattle within their operation. The top scores got first pick of the prizes sponsored by the Kansas Livestock Association.

After the second stop the 2013 Kansas Gelbvieh tour was a wrap. With the sunshine coming down, to melt away the snow, we ended up with a nice day in Kansas to look and talk about cattle while learning more about each visited operation. Thank you to Sandy Knoll Farms and Cooper Gelbvieh for hosting the 2013 Kansas Tour.


KGA Members honored as AGA 2010 Member of the Year


Al and Mary Knapp of Bonner Springs, KS were honored as the American Gelbvieh Association 2010 Member of the Year at the associationís annual convention in Denver on January 9. The AGA honors members who, through their work, have brought credit to the Gelbvieh breed and their association.  Al and Mary Knapp of Triple K Gelbvieh have been honored with that distinction.  Al and Mary are active members of the KGA where Al has served in many capacities over the years.  They are also members of the AGA where Al and Mary both serve on the AGA Foundation committee, which Al co-chairs.  Al has also been a member of the AGA Board of Directors and was recently elected as AGA president. Triple K Gelbvieh is a family owned purebred Gelbvieh and Balancer seedstock operation.  They have been raising Gelbvieh cattle since 1996 after purchasing a purebred Gelbvieh bull for breeding some Angus based commercial heifers.  When they saw what Gelbvieh added to the commercial cows and the hybrid vigor of the calves they were convinced.  At the same time, their son Nick was in 4-H and wanted a Gelbvieh heifer.  After a couple of years they saw the maternal differences in the Gelbvieh cows and were convinced.  By 1999 they converted to a solely purebred Gelbvieh seedstock operation. The Knapps attend 8-10 shows each year including the AGJA National Classic, the American Royal, where they serve as Gelbvieh Superintendents, the Kansas State Fair, and the Kansas Beef Expo and have shown many champions.


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