Welcome to Oswald Gelbvieh!  Our operation is located just north of Hutchinson in south central Kansas.  We have been in the Gelbvieh business since the late 1980’s.  We have both Gelbvieh and Balancers, both red and black.  Our calves are raised on sand hill grass and we do not creep-feed them.  We have been in the seed stock business and have tried to breed for low birth rate and high growth. This past year our bull calves averaged 726 lbs. per calf on a 205 adjusted basis.  We have about 150 producing cows and have sold semen and seed stock to 25 states and Canada. Semen is available from all bulls.


We have cattle for sale at all times and each spring and fall we offer a set of weaning heifer calves. Past buyers have started their herd using these heifers. We would certainly like to invite you to visit our operation at anytime.

The true measure of a successful breeding stock operation is not what the stock do on OUR farm, but what they do on YOUR farm.  Listen to our customers:


“Our average weaning weight this year was 700 and we sold the big end last Friday and those averaged 815. Even though the market is down, the buyer liked those heavy weaned calves.”   From a western Kansas rancher


“You may very well have been the single most improvement in my herd and I want you to know how much I appreciate that.” This operation was selling Angus calves averaging 469 per and are now selling 600 to 700 weight calves.   From the Flint Hills of Kansas


"We ranch in Hospice, KS and I showed John my sale receipt on my calves with pride!  They averaged 678 with the top weighing in at 805. I have been using Gelbvieh bulls for six years."  From a central Kansas rancher


"We sold 80 steers sired by Gelbvieh Genetics from Oswald Gelbvieh, sold at 10 months of age, average 880 lbs."   From a western Kansas rancher


These six great herd bulls are the genetic foundation for our herd!  Let these great genetics work for your herd also - give us a call to talk about Oswald Gelbvieh genetics!

Semen is available on all of these bulls!  Contact us for more information!


Reg #:  1033128

Birth Date: 1/16/2007


Reg#: AMGV1020929

Birth Date: 9/6/2006

828 weaning weight, 1198 yearly weight, 39.9 centimeters. as a yearling.  Sired by Morgan Direction, who is unmatched in calving ease and muscle and is #2 in the Gelbvieh breed for REA and top 2% for CED.  He has a .05 for marbling, his dam is the mother of Govenor. He is thick and liked by all - We will start using Changer this spring.

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Target is full brother to Visa, BW 80, .08 marbling, weaning weight 748, yearling weight 1248. Commercial buyers like him, and we started using him this past fall. He is deep bodied and has lots of muscling.

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JBob Dynasty 5425P ET

Reg #: 925188 - VIEW FULL PEDIGREE

Birth Date:  8/22/2004


Reg #: AMGV938507

Birth Date:  2/16/2005

Top selling bull in the JBOB herd. Balancer bull, first calves look good. Adj. weaning weight 738, adj. yearling weight 1440.

An ideal son out of the 10K cow. Adj. 205 weight 854, yearling weight 1388.


Reg #: AMGV850450

Birth Date:  1/14/2003


Semen is available on all of these bulls!

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A son of Exclusive out of the great 74L cow