Welcome to our Website and thank you for visiting.  Cleland Cattle Company is located In Arma, Kansas.  We run a Purebred herd of Registered Gelbvieh and Balancer females.  We use Artificial Insemination, very heavily in both our spring and fall herds. Our cattle are moderate framed fertile cattle.  They are easy calving with added performance in milk, growth and carcass.  We produce both red and black, purebreds and Balancers, striving to keep no less than 50% Gelbvieh in any of our cattle.  Our sire selection is based on calving ease and performance as well as phenotype and balanced EPDS.


Our cattle are handled on horseback, foot or following a feed truck. They are used to being moved and handled with the use of rotational grazing.  They are not given any special care, or supplemental feed, and are expected to breed, wean a calf weighing 65% of their body weight, and be problem free.  They are expected to do this on a 365 day calving interval, settling either AI or to the 1st cycle with our herd bulls. All of these requirements must be met on pasture, and free choice mineral.  Cattle are given hay only when conditions require.  Our cows must be able to work and thrive on their own or they are not kept around.  We also cull for disposition, bad bags and feet.  We strive to keep a moderate sized highly productive herd, that can produce offspring that will work in any situation.


 Our offspring is marketed both private treaty as well as through various Bull Tests and Consignment sales.  We raise our bulls using a high forage low grain diet, just like they will receive when they leave our ranch.  They are put into contemporary groups that will include a few AI sires as well as our Herd Bulls.  The bulls that we feel are good enough to use we will market.  The rest we market as feeder cattle.  Our selection process is dependant on birth weight, weaning and yearling performance, EPDS, phenotype, and of course, disposition.  The final selection process is semen testing, if they do not pass, they do not stay intact - no second chances.


Thank you again for visiting our sight, please feel free to drop an email or  call at anytime. We also welcome visitors at the ranch, so please come see us.


Jeff Cleland

Cleland Cattle Company

722 E. 640   Arma, KS 66712       (620) 249- 1271




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