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Why Buy Gelbvieh?
Gelbvieh ranks first in combining fertility and growth,
the two most economically important traits in beef production.

Information from Gelbvieh Gets the Nod  By Don Schiefelbein


"Our Gelbvieh Cattle verify the MARC Breed Difference Data by weaning more pounds per cow exposed than any other purebred line in the Leachman Optimum Mainstream Crossbreeding System.

-Jim Leachman,
Billings, Montana


The original GPE (Germ Plasm Evaluation) study at the Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) coupled with first-hand experience of commercial cattlemen has done more to elevate producers' awareness of Gelbvieh genetics than anything else. Countless producers have used Gelbvieh semen without even seeing the live animal based strictly on the MARC research results. 


In response to these questions, in 1978 MARC initiated a new project referred to as Germ Plasm Utilization (GPU). The purpose of this study was to compare different combinations of breeds as crossbreds, and to evaluate heterosis retention in composite populations.


Eight purebreds and three composites were compared. It's important to remember when studying the results that the project included 1,314 crossbred progeny of 51 purebred Gelbvieh bulls ó certainly a very meaningful number of cattle. Data was collected from 1978 to 1991, so the results are current. All data were reported in the MARC Beef Research Progress Report #4, published in May, 1993.


Calving ease and retail yield data came from a report of the GPE study written by Dr. Larry Cundiff and appearing in the proceedings of the 1993 Beef Improvement Federation convention. Much of the Gelbvieh data came from Cycle IV of the GPE study, conducted from 1986 to 1990.


According to the 1994 survey conducted by the Commercial Marketing Department of the American Gelbvieh Association (AGA), commercial cattlemen rank growth as one Gelbvieh's strongest points, with milk, temperament and muscle running close behind. The results from the continuing research at MARC point to the fact that all of these perceptions are true, and that the Gelbvieh breed also enjoys many other economically important traits.


The clear superiority of Gelbvieh for weaning weight per cow exposed confirms the breed's unique maternal ability. MARC data also verifies Gelbvieh's unique balance of growth, carcass leanness and maternal characteristics. No other breed measures up for a combination of these traits.


As the beef industry moves rapidly toward more efficient production of lean beef, cattle that can successfully combine a number of traits will play an even more important role.



Gelbvieh Gets the Nod
By Don Schiefelbein, AGA Executive Director

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Finding Strength on the Family Farm
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Kentucky Producers Plan for the Future with Gelbvieh
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